Tank Top TV APIs

Personalization, recommendations and matching for movies, TV shows and other entertainment content

Welcome to the Tank Top TV APIs. Except where indicated otherwise, these are free to use for non-commercial use within reasonable usage limits, but please get in touch with us at hello@tanktop.tv if you'd like to use them for commercial purposes.

For more information about what you can do with these APIs please visit our technology website. To see our technology in action, or to find something great to watch, please check ut Tank Top TV.

We're still in the process of documenting our APIs but please get in touch if you're interested in using an endpoint that is not fully written-up yet. (This documentation is hosted on GitHub and pull requests are welcome!)

If you need a solution for tracking the usage of your own APIs you may like to check out APInalytics.

API usage

You will need an API key to use the API. To get one sign in to your Tank Top account then go to Account -> Settings -> Apps and create an app. You will need to agree to our terms of service and provide us with a little detail about what you are building.

The API is hosted at http://api.tanktop.tv. Data is returned in JSON format.

If you have any problems please contact us at hello@tanktop.tv.

  1. Entertainment Data APIs
  2. User, Event and Personalization APIs
  3. UI Section APIs
  4. Sports content